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Ming's Reliability

Ming has never missed a scheduled booking and is almost never late.

Mickey's Honest Review of Ming

Ming is a lot like me. Smart, fun, and takes no shit. If you are looking for a submissive girl that you can control, I suggest you avoid Ming. But if you like a smart girl who is very friendly but not a complete push over then you are guaranteed to have a nice time with her if you are a nice guy, but guaranteed to catch hell from her if you are an asshole.

Name: Ming

Service: Escort Service

Date: 31st of Jan 2017


Mickey's review of Ming attracted me: smart, warm, no nonsense -- and her photos seemed that way as well. So I had wanted to see Ming and was lucky in finding a one evening overlap from her returning from a trip and my having to leave Bangkok. The timing was poor -- I had a business dinner going in to the evening then a very early flight the next morning. I knew I might be a little distracted and tired but did really want to see Ming, so I did. And I'm glad I did.

Ming seemed to see that I needed some time to transition from work to our being together. She took the time and quickly made me comfortable. We went slowly which is what I needed, and then we made love slowly. Thats what it felt like to me -- making love, gently. I expect if I had been in a different mood she might have have, well, been a little less gentle, more impatient for our bodies to be to together. Another time for that, I hope, but this time i felt she just clicked with what I was needing.

I could write a lot of over-the -top superlatives, and those would be true, but I don't really feel need to. What I can say is that if I lived in Thailand I would certainly want to sponsor Ming. Thank you, Mickey, for a review that caught my eye. And thank you, Ming

Thanks, too, Mickey, for establishing this collaborative. Even as a client I feel like I'm part of your group. PLEASE, expand to California!


Length of booking: 2 Days

Would you recommend Ming to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ming again? yes

Name: Ming

Service: Escort Service

Date: 26th of Aug 2016


I was quite reluctant to hire escort services but i decided to try after visiting your website and i tell you your friends didn't disappoint me and they took good care of me and i decided to avail your team services whenever i visit thailand in future.

About Ming

Date : August 26th 2016. Took service for 24 hours.

No words to tell. She is mind blowing, lively, bubbly, fun loving, sexy and super girl friendly. Straight away she deserves 7 stars. She was there in my hotel room sharp 12 noon as scheduled. We both become very friendly within no time. We chatted, spend lot of intimate time, went for shopping, had a very nice party in a bar along with Aee. After she left i felt i was really missing her. Next visit to bangkok it will be with Ming.

NOTE: Ming lives in northern Thailand so this client also paid her round trip airfare to Bangkok.

Length of booking: 1 Day

Would you recommend Ming to other clients? yes

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Name: Ming

Service: Escort Service

Date: 11th of Jun 2016


Dear Mickey,

Sawatdee krab!

Re: date with Ming during last week. I was very happy. She is real Woman, beautiful, amazing, sensitive and impressive. It was high class of feelings and i little bit worried to fall in love with her. Ming is a real Star. A lot of thanks and best wishes to her.

Kindest regards,


Note: This was a special VIP client as he's really done a lot for us so Ming flew to Bangkok just to meet him.

Length of booking: Medium-Time

Would you recommend Ming to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ming again? yes

Name: Ming

Service: Escort Service

Date: 1st of Feb 2016


Can I just say it was a complete privilege to meet Ming for these days when she was in Bangkok.

We had a funny schedule due to my appointments where I was away all day Thursday and Saturday and had to recover most of Friday and Sunday.

Her patience, style, beauty, friendliness as well as her naughty side all led to a very memorable experience. Especially the naughty red wine drinking schoolgirl role play and uniform!!!!

Thanks again for fixing up. Much appreciated and see you soon !

Length of booking: 4 Days

Would you recommend Ming to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ming again? yes

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