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Below are a list of every fetish / service I provide marked clearly in green with a check mark in from of it. To be clear, I've also listed the services I DO NOT provide clearly in red with an X mark in front. You can click any of the services for a definition and also to see a list of all my independent escort friends who provide that fetish. So if there is something I don't do which you want, just click the item and it'll show you which of my friends do it.

= Aproved Services / Activities which are included with my rates. No surprise fees.

= Limited Services / Activities which I claim to do, but there are limitations so it's not just a simple yes or no answer. Click the item link for more information and if these items are important to you then you should contact me to ask about these before booking me.

= Unapproved Services / Activities. I won't do these items, don't ask, but if you click the item it will show you a list of other escorts who do provide the service.

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Single-Item Search: Click the item or this Information icon for a definition of the Service & a list of my friends who are available to provide that particular service.

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